Blue – Continuous love, continuous support. Blue is connecting – connecting in relationships and in business. Blue surrounds us in the water and sky; Its loving kindness continues to flow, nourish and comfort. The gift of blue for support, learning, counsel, friendship, unconditional love.

Red – Signifies strength and passion. Red is a giver of life and love – causing attention, showing intensity and extremes. Love that is this intense transforms and has the ability to make a difference in others. The gift of red for long, healthy life, caring, overcoming difficulties, leadership and passion.

Yellow – Balanced, bright and warm. Yellow evokes the warmth of the soul and the healing powers of caring. It’s the perfect blend, seeking justice, stability, compassion and recognizing the needs of others. The gift of yellow for children, positive character, healing, counseling, balance in one’s life & mediation.

Purple – Royalty, exemplary character and a treasure. A mixture of blue (kindness) and red (passion), purple represents successful accomplishment. A commanding color, denoting endurance, trust and security. The gift of purple for housewarming, healing, new experiences, new horizons, and acknowledgement of achievement.

Orange – Honest and reflective. A mixture of red (intensity) and yellow (balance and beauty); orange is representative of sincerity and integrity. A thankful color, orange represents self-reflection and honesty. The gift of orange for thanks, for introspection and direction, for moving forward yet recognizing past experiences. Green – Growth, sustainability and awareness of potential.

Green is derived from blue (unlimited kindness) and yellow (balance). Green creates and nurtures. It’s the loving attention that results in successful outcomes. The gift of green represents growth, achieving new landmarks, success, new ventures, and appreciation for value.

Brown – Earthy combinations affected by all that surrounds. Brown is the foundation that leads to unlimited possibilities. And yet, brown is humble and soulful. It is the powerful source serving the needs of others. The gift of brown is warm and nurturing, acknowledges the power of serving others. Brown represents a sense of security.


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